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riccardocasulariccardocasula Member Posts: 2

Would it be possible to implement an LED model (or even a micro-LED) into INTERCONNECT in the same manner of TWLM and what would that require? Does my question make any sense?

Many thanks



  • GWANGGWANG Posts: 102Ansys Employee

    Hi riccardocasula,

    It is not easy to define incoherent light sources in INTERCONNECT though it is possible to import arbitrary waveform. It requires a file defines the time steps, magnitude and phase of the light signal: https://kx.lumerical.com/t/arbitrary-waveform-generators-from-file-for-interconnect/40965. I am not so sure this is very useful for the LED source.

  • riccardocasulariccardocasula Posts: 5Member

    Hi gwang, thanks for your reply. On the other hand I am also particularly interested in generating a waveform from a micro-LED as per the example offered. Do you advise anything in this regard? Regards

  • GWANGGWANG Posts: 102Ansys Employee

    Hi riccardocasula ,

    If you can get the waveform time step, magnitude and phase information from the micro-LED, you can just plug them in the text file as in the linked exmpale, then just load it into INTERCONNECT.

  • riccardocasulariccardocasula Posts: 5Member

    However, but please correct me if I am wrong, it seems that the micro-LED model in FDTD does not simulate the generation of the EM fields from the materials as the dipole source is assumed, as well as its time signal which is arbitrarily set. Therefore the time signal recorded from time monitor after simulation wouldn't give the 'real' representation of the device waveform as this would depend on the electrical inputs. What solver could return a waveform of a micro-LED from an electrical input? There is this possibility? Thanks

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