Plotting Power vs Speed curve,Torque vs rotor angle curve in MAXWELL

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I would like to know steps to plot Power vs Speed ,Torque vs rotor angle curve of PMSM motor without using Machine toolkit


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    You can create a variable to represent speed and do an parametric analysis of the speed. In result, choose the speed variable as the X axis, and Moving. Speed*Moving. Torque as the Y axis to create an rectangular report.

    For Torque vs. angular position, you can just choose Moving. Position as X axis and Moving. Torque as Y axis in result.

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    I am getting below graph of Power vs Speed, which is incorrect. I am also not able to change primary sweep.

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    You can click the Range Function, and do an avg of the power, then select the time range of which the motor has reached steady state. In this way the plot at each speed will be a dot rather than a line. You can export the data and link the dots together in excel to get the curve. This is an example graph from a maxwell project created from an RMxprt example:

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