Ring resonator tutorial

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Hello, I was trying to follow the tutorial: https://support.lumerical.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042800293-Ring-resonator-getting-started-Design-and-initial-simulation

But when I want to add an eigenmode to calculate the group index, It is not possible to Calculate the modes and select the desired one from the mode list. Can you help me with that?



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    Hi, I am not sure which file you are referring. I opened the lms file, enable "FDE", run "calculate", I got the result as below:

    For group index calculation, you can do frequency sweep:

    For fsp file, since it is for FDTD, you cannot directly add a FDE solver. Instead, you can open one port, then visualize or calculate modes like this:

    If you want to recalculate modes, you can choose "user select":

    However, Port mode is designed for FDTD simulation, not for mode analysis, so you cannot do frequency sweep.

    Please note that FDE uses finer mesh so the mode profile looks smoother.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi! I was referring to the lms file. I enabled "FDE", clicked "run" and then on the Eigenmsolver analysis I clicked "Calculate Modes" and nothing happened. I cannot see the mode list:

    I'm using the version 2021 R1.1

  • gsungsun Posts: 1,152Ansys Employee

    I tested the same version and it works fine:

    One thing you can do is to upgrade to the newest version. When you click "calculate", do you see a flash of any window change, or completely no any action in the GUI?

    If the problem persistent, please give us your computer os information.

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    I upgraded to version 2021 R1.2 and that solved the issue! Thank you!

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    Great! thanks for letting us to know!

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