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License type

fasitengfasiteng Member Posts: 2
edited March 25 in Ansys Products

Hi there,

My customer #1135016

We have the following license entitlement IDS:

Act-1135016-1-1029586933-ANSYS-1-1030182240 and


I have installed ANSYS products and the License manager on the same computer (srye-tfl-01). All works fine.

Now I have installed ANSYS on another computer (srye-tfl-02) and want it to check the license from the first computer where I installed the license manager. I am having issues getting tfl-02 to check the license from tfl-01. I already opened the needed ports in the tfl-01. I also made sure that ansyslmd.ini in tfl-02 has the following lines:

[email protected]

[email protected]

I wonder whether our current license type supports what I am trying to achieve or we need to get a different type?

Please let me know if you need any other info.

P.S. I am managing another license server for another school for about 4 years and it is well working for me.




  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 823

    @fasiteng Are the 2 machines able to communicate with each other? Can one ping the other? Are you able to telnet to all 3 licensing ports from tfl-02 to tfl-01? The necessary ports are 1055, 2325 and whichever port ansyslmd is currently running on. Starting with version 2021R1 you need to open the ansyslmd port, which you may need to set to a static port for firewall purposes. To do this, add PORT=XXXXX on the VENDOR line of the license file and restart the license manager, then open the firewall for that port.


    VENDOR ansyslmd PORT=1056

    What are the errors seen on tfl-02?



  • fasitengfasiteng Member Posts: 2

    Sorry to bother you with this.

    It was a firewall issue. A GPO was preventing the local rules.

    The issue has been resolved.

    Thank you.

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