Question about using INTERCONNECT stimulate the ring resonator

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I used INTERCONNECT to stimulate single bus ring

Then, I get a transmission:

According the transmission, The FSR is about 6nm,quality factor is about 10000.

Then, I use peak analysis to get the quality factor, FSR

quality factor :


It seems error to the transmission. Why the situation happened?

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  • ShelleyShelley Posts: 15Member

    Hi GWANG,

    Thank you! I have solved this question in this transmission by your method.

    But when I change a parameter to get a new transmission, I meet a new problem.

    There is a warning that Insufficient number of peaks detected to calculate free spectral range.

    The FSR is 0:

    quality factor is a point :

    I decrease the pit excursion from 7 to 3

    The problem still exists.

    Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

  • ShelleyShelley Posts: 15Member

    In addition, when I change the peak at maximum from false to true, the warning is vanishes.

    But According the transmission, the FSR may be right and the quality factor is wrong.

    transmission :


    quality factor :

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