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Question about using INTERCONNECT stimulate the ring resonator — Ansys Learning Forum

Question about using INTERCONNECT stimulate the ring resonator

ShelleyShelley Member Posts: 12

I used INTERCONNECT to stimulate single bus ring

Then, I get a transmission:

According the transmission, The FSR is about 6nm,quality factor is about 10000.

Then, I use peak analysis to get the quality factor, FSR

quality factor :


It seems error to the transmission. Why the situation happened?

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  • GWANGGWANG Ansys Employee Posts: 40
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Shelley ,

    For this case of transmission, please make sure you use the "peak at maximum" to be "false" so that it measures the peak at the minimum transmission instead of maximum transmission. In this case the transmission at the maximum is pretty flat so it is hard to decide where is the peak. Please give it a try and let me know.

  • ShelleyShelley Member Posts: 12

    Hi GWANG,

    Thank you! I have solved this question in this transmission by your method.

    But when I change a parameter to get a new transmission, I meet a new problem.

    There is a warning that Insufficient number of peaks detected to calculate free spectral range.

    The FSR is 0:

    quality factor is a point :

    I decrease the pit excursion from 7 to 3

    The problem still exists.

    Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

  • ShelleyShelley Member Posts: 12

    In addition, when I change the peak at maximum from false to true, the warning is vanishes.

    But According the transmission, the FSR may be right and the quality factor is wrong.

    transmission :


    quality factor :

  • GWANGGWANG Ansys Employee Posts: 40
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Shelley,

    I believe this is because the peaks are below the threshold to be detected. You may want to play around with the "peak threshold" and "peak excursion" values to make this work. The definition for the parameters are in this page:

  • ShelleyShelley Member Posts: 12
    edited March 30 Accepted Answer

    Hi GWANG,

    I have solved this question by your advice. Thank you!

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