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Academic Research License Setup on Single Computer — Ansys Learning Forum

Academic Research License Setup on Single Computer

UVFRUVFR Member Posts: 2

Hello, I currently have access to an academic research license for Ansys through a Formula SAE sponsorship and I am trying to set it up to run on a single computer. I have gone through the customer portal to the ansys licensing portal and then created the active entitlement for the computer I will be running ansys on.

I got the Host Name and Disk Serial Number from the Ansys License Manager.

I then downloaded the license file and added it to the ansys license manager which says that it is running.

Additionally I went to the Licensing Client Settings and filled in the port number and sever name and it shows a green check mark.

Despite all these steps whenever I try to run a structural simulation it says I have reached the limit and when I open up fluent it states that I am using a student license. Thus I am wondering if I have missed a step that will allow ansys to recognize that I have the academic research license. Currently both the ansys and license manager I have downloaded are 2021 R1.

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