Improving the mesh of this Archimedes spiral wind turbine

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Hi I'd like to get some help on improving the mesh of this ASWT for an undergraduate thesis. I've tried using inflation but I see the elements balloon up to more than 1 million elements. I'm using a student version of ansys and I think the limit is around 512k. I'd like to know what I can do to get a good mesh that's around the limit while still being able to use inflation since from my understanding using inflation helps with the solution?

If in any case it would not be possible to use inflation, I'd like to know what other meshing options I can perform to improve the overall mesh quality. Thanks in advance!

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  • erwinerwin Posts: 13Member

    Thank You Mr. Keyur! I'll look into the video you shared and hopefully be able to address my problem.

    God Bless!

  • erwinerwin Posts: 13Member

    Hi Mr. Keyur, I ran into a problem when trying out advanced size functions. This is to be the pitch of the turbine where the blades attach to. What could be a possible solution for this problem?

  • erwinerwin Posts: 13Member

    Hi again Mr. Keyur, I think I have solved my problem and have created a relatively reasonable mesh. I have another question though, as my thesis group will also perform FSI analysis for the turbine, I'd like to know if we would have to adjust anything more on the mesh in order to be able to perform FSI simulation later on or is this current mesh good already? Thanks again!

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    As I do not have mesh, it is difficult to comment. But in general, it should be good for fsi.

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