Ansys maxwell transient model motion error

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Hi. I have a error on transient model. I am getting the error "The number of computational domain doesn't equal to one. %1" My project is about motion setup of permanent magnets. Do you help ? What can I do to fix this problem.


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    You can the following:

    1. Do you have an outer Region that enclose everything? This is necessary.
    2. Do you have multiple objects in the band but you did not assign and inner region to enclose the multiple objects?
    3. If there's only one object in the band, is it hollow or does it have holes? The object in band must be a single, solid object without any holes to break the domain.
    4. Is your Region or band in hollow shape? They can not be hollow or have holes, either. If you have a outer rotor machine, you can rotate the inner stator instead as it's just relative motion, this way your band or region won't be hollow.
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    Thank you for your answer. I tried all you said but I am still getting the same error.

    My model as shown in the picture. I use two permanent magnets and iron core above the magnets. Steel plate in the band as you see in the picture. No holes, no hollow geometry as you see in the picture. Also vacuum object enclose everything. There is only one object in the band. Actually I tried multiple objects and one object in the band according to you said. None of all did not work.

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    Based on your description, your model looks fine. I built a model similar to yours and assigned similar materials as you described, but didn't get an error message.

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    Did you send me the file ? my mail address is

    thank you.

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