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How to run ANSYS on NVIDIA DGX Workstation? — Ansys Learning Forum

How to run ANSYS on NVIDIA DGX Workstation?


I am Abhishek A Kolekar, team manager of Modified Auto Club Racing, a Formula Student team from PCT's A. P. Shah Institute of Technology. We are in the process of applying for an Ansys Academic - Formula Student License.

Our institute cannot grant access to use ANSYS on the servers; however, they can allow the team to use the NVIDIA DGX workstation, the specifications of the station are as follows:

1. CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2698 v4

2. GPUs: 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 with fully connected 4 way NVLink interconnect and 128GB GPU Memory (Total Memory)

3. Memory: 256 GB RDIMM DDR4

4. Storage: 1.92 TB SSD for OS; and 3 x 1.92 TB SSDs with RAID 0

5. Network: Dual 10GBASE-T

6. OS: Ubuntu

However, the issue is that ANSYS is not supported for Ubuntu. After talking with the faculty at our college, we have come up with a solution to create a docker instance of CentOS on the DGX station and install ANSYS on it.

So, is there any official docker or container of ANSYS that we can use for the same? Also, we are new at dockers & containers so if we can get technical support or a detailed guide for the installation of the same it would be of great help.

We wanted to confirm this solution before applying for the license, as it would cause delays in the application process.

PFA - detailed datasheet of our Nvidia DGX work station

Thanks and Regards,

Abhishek Kolekar,

Team Manager, MAC Racing.

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