MFR and GGI Connection in Ansys CFX

LovelordLovelord Member Posts: 4


I am trying to create an interface between 2 domains i.e., rotating and inertial domain using General Grid Interface connection approach. I want to simulate wind turbine fluid flow using Multiple Frames of Reference (MFR) model . I managed to create the two domains separately, meshed them and now I need to set boundary conditions.

Kindly assist how I can go about using GGI connection in MFR.




  • rfblumenrfblumen Posts: 17Ansys Employee

    Hi Lovelord,

    Please refer to the CFX tutorial "Chapter 14: Flow in an Axial Turbine Stage" for basic setup of MFR for a turbine stage. For a steady-state simulation you can either use a Stage interface or Frozen Rotor. For your application, Frozen Rotor would be most applicable. For more details on interfaces for MFR applications, refer to "5.6.3. Using Domain Interfaces in Turbomachinery Applications" in the CFX Modeling guide.

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