AIM Photonics PIC1 course: Fabless Design of Photonic Integrated Circuits starts April 27

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If you'd like to learn more about Photonic Integrated Circuits and have an opportunity to use Lumerical, check out the MITx/edX PIC1: Fabless Design of Photonic Integrated Circuits. Registration is open now.

PIC1: Fabless Design of Photonic Integrated Circuits within the AIM Foundry Ecosystem This six-week online edX course, taken over eight weeks, introduces students and industry professionals to the fabless design of silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), using industry-leading Electronic Photonic Design Automation (EPDA) software tools. Registrants are guided through a step-by-step design sequence that culminates in the tape-out of an electro-optically active PIC chip that is suitable for fabrication by AIM Photonics Institute’s Multi-Project-Wafer (MPW) facility. You can register here.

Please note that this is not an Ansys course. It's developed and presented by MITx.

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