Improving Projectile and Impact Surface Mesh

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Dear all,

I am trying to create a mesh for ballistic impact on armour in Explicit Dynamics. The armour I have made has several overlapping layers mimicking fish scales as shown below. I have taken a section view to show the difference in the quality of mesh between the bullet and the impact surface. How can I improve the quality of the impact surface mesh?

I have Ansys 17.0/17.1 and cannot use Cartesian meshing, because the feature is not in my version of Ansys, so I have meshed both the projectile and surface using tetrahedral elements.

The armour is made of 78 bodies combined into one part. Element size 1.5mm. I have tried finer mesh size but the difference in quality is small. Help would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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    Hi @Pulsar123 , Its quite an intresting case, I hope you want to do conformtal meshing or say Designer meshes, Start with single scale to initate the mesh, use the edge mesh to control the number of divisins and then try with mapped mesh and see weather there is an kind of betterment in the mesh, i always prefer SPH , this will eliminate the mesh dependency and introduce you with the paticel size, that an lot said, comment down your results for better help.

    Cheers, Ram

  • Pulsar123Pulsar123 Posts: 13Member

    Hi @ramgopisetti. Thanks, I will upload my results next week.

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