About Windmill Fan Blade Modal Analysis simulation example in the Structural Dynamics course

Doing the Windmill Fan Blade Modal Analysis simulation example based on the How To Video I can't get all of the windmill blades displayed on the final stage of the simulation (Solution). The application displays only one blade of the windmill fan when I plot the modal shape for the lowest frequency and right-click Total Deformation to select Evaluate All Results. Could anyone please advise what I have missed in the simulation settings?

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  • sharveysharvey San Diego, CAPosts: 157Member
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    Hello @Igor67,

    If you select Solution, you will see cyclic solution display and under that the number of sectors. Can you try and setting to the number of desired sectors, then evaluate all results to check if you see more sectors? If you specify zero it will go back to program controlled and should display the full 360. Let us know if this helps.

    Thank you!



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