hfss script question,Can I get a simulation result by python script?

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Can I get a simulation result by python script?

I want to get simulation result after analysis ,for example,S11,S21.

Is there any function to implement this?

Thank you every much!


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    technically, yes. all the components of the model, variable, and report stack are (OLE?) objects available in both scripting engines.

    But I did not try it, the path to the values is a bit complicated and not auto-generated by macro-wizard. neither well explained in the manual (which uses VBA notation, but you can try changing it to python). The reason why they share objects is because there seems to be IronPython engine implemented, which is a kind of python growing from Microsoft's Unified Language Model; (i.e. a dead snake, not supported anymore)

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    Hi @vcc,

    Yes, you can get a simulation result by python script. Please go through "Reporter Editor Script Commands" chapter of the HFSS scripting guide which elaborates the use of various commands regarding the results generation and modification.

    All the very best.

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