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Hello, I downloaded the program.The version is ansys 12.1. I licensed by looking at the videos. but — Ansys Learning Forum

Hello, I downloaded the program.The version is ansys 12.1. I licensed by looking at the videos. but


  • ParadoksunkalbiParadoksunkalbi Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I downloaded the program.The version is ansys 12.1. I licensed by looking at the videos. but it gives this error. What can I do? Thanks

  • AndyJPAndyJP Member Posts: 221
    edited March 29
    >I licensed by looking at the videos

    Because these videos are illegal, and version 12 was phased out 10 years ago and not offered legally.

    But ANSYS does not do anything about these videos or the downloads.

    <edit @Rob >

    You get it, and install it knowingly or unknowingly (with legal key or not). But they catch you because this was not the official source for download, and extort money.

    There is a spyware inside their products. Technically, it is illegal embedding a spyware in the software, but they have expensive lawyers, and you don't.

    So, if there is no absolute necessity in ANSYS products, you would better avoid touching anything from ANSYS. Just use only the media shipped officially, the original USB flash from the box, or ansys client account (not available to final users in universities, or customers of 3rd party distributors who offer only keys)

    So stop trying installing this stuff and ask your local distributor about a demo license. Though, it will not allow you trying many important things, and running a benchmark, because HPC, GPU, optimization, RDP and other options are not available with Demo/Student license.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator Posts: 8,851

    We actually spend a lot of time trying to take these videos down, however finding the root source isn't quite so easy. As @AndyJP comments, v12 is old and the current release is 2021R1 (v22 in old versioning, which was changed for 2019).

    Nothing hidden in the software, and @AndyJP I'll remind you of our last conversation. However @Paradoksunkalbi , by installing our software you agree to our terms and conditions. My advice is to uninstall the old version and install from to avoid any unpleasantness in the near future. Note, Student is free and has some limitations, "demo keys" for commercial clients don't have any limitations other than licence count and duration.

  • AndyJPAndyJP Member Posts: 221
    edited March 30

    >Nothing hidden in the software

    • Piracy Detection and Reporting Security Software (PDRSS) exists to identify instances of pirated software in use and provides the identity and location of organizations utilizing the pirated software to the software providers. Identification of pirated software allows the software providers to take legal action against intentional software piracy, notify unwitting organizations of the illegal use of the software (and the potential malware problems that can accompany pirated software), and sell valid software licenses in the place of the previously illegally obtained software programs to recoup lost sales. Plaintiff identifies instances of pirated software in use through PDRSS which, along with the license verification technology, is a component of the Security Mechanism.

    According to the above, it is actually hidden somewhere inside, and sends out private data used for identification. It can be activated whenever you actually have enough licenses to cover all the users work 24h, or not, just when you made a mistake and installed it from a 3rd party download location. There are tons of download locations including large organizations indexed in Google and Duckduckgo; and no one reacts. So, even when the license actually covers an action of using the number of instances, and the user may even have more licenses than needed, the lawyers from ANSYS enforcement do not care and approach organizations for rans "justification" basing on contact with the distribution from unknown source. A practice that takes a lot of money for confronting in the court from the defendant.

    So the atmosphere around ANSYS today is changing from "learn, love and buy" to "avoid if you can". Anyway, just in the case, avoid any 3rd party distribution storage, where download is not registered in ANSYS logs.

    P.S. I've seen these videos on Youtube during last decade, and neither Ansys nor Google ever reacted whenever I made a report.

    The proof from 2017:

  • AndyJPAndyJP Member Posts: 221
    edited March 30

    AFAIK, RDP does not work in DEMO.

    If I am not mistaken DEMO does not include HPC, therefore no GPU acceleration (but this may have changed not sure here).

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