Not able to use distributed computing feature effectively in my array simulation.

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I am performing reflectarray simulations using Domain solver. Array and Horn are separated by creating FE-BI boxes surrounding each of them. For clear picture of my simulation setup see this Youtube Video and attached picture too.

Video summary
"HFSS using Hybrid technique is implemented here. The entire simulation domain is divided into two FEBI region and we can avoid mesh between horn antenna and reflectarray. Hence reducing simulation time and memory consumption."

When I tried to simulate the above described setup, only first machine in the list is getting used for adaptive meshing and second machine remains idle. Eventually, this causes "Out of memory" issue leading to abrupt termination of simulation. I am using ANSYS EDT 2021 R1 for performing my simulations.

How could I make my two machines to be used for adaptive meshing simultaneously just happened with the case of direct solver ? Please help me by sharing if there is any work around method to solve my problem.




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    Hello @mahesh2444,

    For adaptive meshing, the first machine is used by default. The problem "Out of memory" is due to the first machine does not have enough memory to mesh the model.

    unless the meshing is completed simulation will not proceed further, so your second machine will not get used, to get the issue resolved please try changing the mesh size and reducing the number of passes.



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    Hello @VivekK

    Is there any method to solve this other way around in HFSS ?

    In case of the example file which involves solving a large helical antenna with a radiation box the adaptive meshing also gets distributed across machines. I am wondering if there is any trick in HFSS to make this simulation to be performed in same manner.

  • VivekKVivekK Pune, IndiaPosts: 89Forum Coordinator

    Hi Mahesh,

    You can use the Domain Decomposition method and setup HPC to solve a large problem such as a helical antenna. HFSS automatically apportions the helical antenna design into domains and solves them by separate processes. See the discussion associated with the helical antenna example project that can be accessed with File > Open Examples

    Please look at section Enable Domain Decomposition in the HFSS help document.



  • mahesh2444mahesh2444 Posts: 37Member

    Hi @VivekK

    When the setup shown in figure is made in HFSS by default it was using Domain Decomposition Solver only. So that's why I shared this query in forum to understand why it was behaving differently although the same solver has been used.

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