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Topological study error — Ansys Learning Forum

Topological study error

mrumru Member Posts: 1


Every time I try to do the topological analysis, I always get the same error, that says :

"The files required from the linked analysis are missing for topology optimization solution. Please resolve the analysis selected in the Solution Selection prior to continuing"

I have tried many different things, like removing the study files and trying again, remeshing, removing all constraints and forces, redoing the studies, nothing solves the problem. I even tried to uninstall the Ansys and reinstall and that did not help. Right now I use student version of Ansys 2021 R1.

My engineering tree looks like this :

My workbench scheme :

When I look up "Open solver files directory", this is where my Static structural Study files are :

And this is where my topology study files are :

I have tried interchanging the directories, changing the files in directories, copying files over one location to another and so on...

These are the files in my static structural study location :

And these are the files in my topology study location :

How could I solve this problem?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone!


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