Simulating an array of pillars following an Archimedes spiral path/ Lumerical FDTD

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I am trying to create an array of two rotated rectangles, a column with angle 1 rotated rectangles and the other with angle2

angle1 and 2 are with respect to the +y axis

my problem is that i want to write a script such that the two columns follow an archimedes spiral path.

The equation of the archimedes spiral in cylindrical coordinates is given by the following:

The columns are etched on a layer of gold placed on top of Glass, I want to see the response

of this structure with respect to Right and left circular polarized light.

I would appreciate any help regarding writing a script of the sprial path.

Many thanks


  • gsungsun Posts: 1,152Ansys Employee

    This is an interesting device. As you know, objects need a center location (x,y,z). as long as you can give the correct locations of the objects at different angles, you will be able to place them correctly. For a simple test, please just use one rectangle, same size, same rotation angle, and try to set it into the spiral curve. Once it works, I believe you will know how does it work, and can apply this to the actual component with more rectangles.

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