How to convert a 3D curve to a surface

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As the title suggests, I need to turn a curve into a surface. It needs to be a solid object, but I'm unsure in which order to do things. I've read plenty of other questions in the forum that may be describing a similar problem, but couldn't find a solution.

This is the curve that I have, apologies if it's not very clear. Ultimately I wish to turn the following into a solid object:

But nothing seems to be working. I tried the, 'Surfaces from Edges' function, but I can't get that to work at all. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


P.S. Attached is the co-ordinates file too.

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    What units are the numbers in the profile? Meters, mm, inches?

    The radius of the largest number in your profile is 0.0317 units.

    Are you saying 1 revolution in 1 unit? That is not what the image you showed has. It looks like is should be in the neighborhood of one radius.

    The profile looks like it has rotational symmetry with four quarters, is that correct?

    Also, your text file doesn't encode for a closed loop. It should. Look that up in Ansys Help.

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    Greetings. Thanks again for your reply.

    Actually, your stream of questions has led me to the right answer. Funny how these things work lol The critical statement was in-fact the last, 'Also, your text file doesn't encode for a closed loop. It should. Look that up in Ansys Help.'. This prompted me to look at the user guide for DesignModeler, and within I found the following section:

    Applying this to my own co-ordinates (which are supposed to define a closed curve), I was finally able to use the, 'Surface From Edges' function to make a surface and perform a Sweep. This resulted in the following geometry, which was my original target:

    Thanks a lot for your help, very much appreciated. Have a great day (-:



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