Error during simulation

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I am trying to run a simulation, however, I get this error:

 [error] Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d error: Matrix solver exception: out of memory, please verify RAM Limit (%) setting. Please contact ANSYS technical support. (8:09:32 AM Mar 29, 2021)

I was wondering have you ever seen this case?

If yes how did you solve it?

Thank you,

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  • pmunagapmunaga Posts: 140Forum Coordinator

    Hi @mrazmi,

    Please provide the version details of the tool you are using and your system configuration.

    It looks like the simulation model requires more RAM than your current system configuration.

    Kindly try solving the model in a system with higher RAM capabilities.

    All the very best.

    Best regards,

  • mrazmimrazmi Posts: 4Member


    I am using ANSYS electronic Desktop 2020 R2 and my installed physical memory (RAM) is 8.00 GB.

  • pmunagapmunaga Posts: 140Forum Coordinator

    Hi @mrazmi,

    As the error specifies, your system RAM configuration is not adequate to run the simulation model.

    Please try reducing the simulation complexity if possible otherwise try running it in a system with higher RAM.

    All the best.

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