How apply periodic boundary conditions ?

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I am a student in Master 2 in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Liège (ULiege Ansys customer number : 1047691) . Currently I’m doing my master thesis. For this, I have to perform some simulations in Ansys (2019 R1). My model is an unit cell, called orthogonal unit cell which I created in SpaceClaim and meshed afterwards. 

I would like to impose periodic boundary conditions on it :

I did some research and I have the License of Ansys which allows me to use periodic boundary conditions. To create periodic boundaries I am trying to copy using the tool “Copy mesh. However, when I use “Copy mesh” I get the warning message: “Bodies cannot have more than one anchor face for a mesh copy”. But I didn’t impose more than one anchor face… So I don’t understand the error I am getting. Can you help me please ? 


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