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Dear society,

I'm dealing with the analysis of a stone-masonry mosque. I get an "Element Violation" error in my analysis under gravity loads. Although I changed the mesh size, I could not get rid of this error. What do you recommend?

I would be grateful for any help on how to fix a problem like this.

Best regards.


  • 1shan1shan Posts: 282Ansys Employee

    Hello @ssozen_72,

    Have you tried inserting a local mesh control around elements which are getting distorted? Also, is large deflection on? I see that there are small gaps where the dome intersects building. You may want to set an appropriate defeature size (mesh>sizing>mesh defeaturing "yes" and set a size) so that the mesher will ignore these gaps.



  • ssozen_72ssozen_72 Posts: 10Member

    Thank you so much for your kind interest.

    Yes, large deflection is ON. I have tried mesh refinement around distorted elements but in this case, the directional deformation results have highly differed from the linear solution. Since I did not expect much difference between the linear and the nonlinear solution under gravitational loads, I could not trust the results. I will try the defeaturing option.



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