Decomposing lumerical near field data into a ray set

brlee3014brlee3014 Member Posts: 1


How do I convert my near field data to ray sets to use as source objects in Zemax non-sequential mode? More specifically, how do we make the conversion between monitor data (or rectilinear data with E fields) into .dat format that Zemax NSM can import?

It seems like this article describes that I need to decompose it into far field projections. Once I convert my near field results into far field and figure out amplitude/phase vs angle, how do we write it to .dat format?

This article contains encrypted script files (zemax_rayset_write_v1.lsfx and zemax_rayset_farfield_write_v1.lsfx) that seem to do this conversion, but is this doable with standard script commands?


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