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How to calculate aeff for fundamental mode only for given range of wavelength — Ansys Learning Forum

How to calculate aeff for fundamental mode only for given range of wavelength

arsh1499arsh1499 Member Posts: 1



mode_name = bestoverlap("test_mode");


setanalysis("track selected mode",mode_name);






numerator = integrate(H2,2:3,Hy,Hz)^2;

denominator = integrate(H2^2,2:3,Hy,Hz);

modal_area = numerator/denominator;

modal_area = modal_area*1e12; # convert from units of m^2 to um^2


plot(c/f*1e6,modal_area,"Wavelength (um)", "Effective Mode Area");


  • gsungsun Ansys Employee Posts: 227

    Hi, "E/H" field is only for modes at the given frequency, and the frequency-sweep does not give this output. Please check all the outputs :

    If you want to get the "Effective Mode Area" at each frequency, you will need to write your own loop to sweep frequency, get H fields from the given mode, and then calculate the "Effective Mode Area".

    Please note that you will need to have the "test_mode" in the global deck in order to complete the bestoverlap.

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