Script for Generating of evenly spaced dipole in a circle FTDT

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Dear @gsun and @troberts ,

I would like to know any script that will generate the dipoles in below mention pattern in the FTDT environment. in the XY plan

Looking forward to have a nice discussion




  • greg_baethgegreg_baethge Posts: 153Ansys Employee

    Hi @MANNAN,

    Thanks for posting your question. I take the liberty to reply on behalf of my colleagues ? I don't think we really have any script example doing exactly this, but I don't think it is very difficult. The basic idea is to run 2 nested loops, one on the angle (theta) and one of the position of the dipole for a defined theta, and calculate the xy coordinates.

    For example, it could be something like:

    ntheta = 36; # number of angle points
    nr = 10; # number of point along each radius
    rmax = 5e-6; # max value of the radius
    theta = linspace(0, 360, ntheta);
    r = linspace(0, rmax, nr);
    for(i=1:ntheta) {
        for(j=1:nr) {
            x = r(j)*cos(theta(i)*pi/180);
            y = r(j)*sin(theta(i)*pi/180);
            set("x", x);
            set("y", y);

    Note this script is probably incomplete: for instance, it will add a dipole at (0,0) for each value of theta while you probably only want 1 and there might be duplicate for theta=0 and theta=360.

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