Injecting Experimental current to BLDC motor Model in ANsys Maxwell

bagusbagus Member Posts: 1

Hi all, Hope you guys in good shape, I m a newbie using Ansys Maxwell, So I've been assigned a project to reverse engineering, or modelling a wheel hub BLDC motor in ansys maxwell, and when come to the validation my model, is it possible to inject the BLDC motor in ansys maxwell with the real current ?, I have experimental data or test of the real machine.


  • nchodenchode Posts: 224Forum Coordinator

    Hi @bagus,

    If you can define your real current in terms of a mathematical expression you can always add that expression in your phase current excitation setup.

    Or you can define an external circuit that generates this waveform by selecting winding excitation as external.

    You can refer to Maxwell help document to learn more about any of these topics.



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