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Hey ansys pros,

im currently simulating a composite pressure vessel in Workbench 19.2. I am a bit confused about the damage status output. I am using the CDM with an instant stiffness reduction so a value of damage status of "0" would mean no reduction and "1" would mean stiffness reduction. How come that the damage status (and also the damage variable which is actually displayed in this picture) can have this periodic trend over the element? The results shown here are "non averaged". I just dont understand this periodic pattern along the circumference of the vessel.

Does smeone have a reasonable explanation? Also i thought damage status and damage variable are element based variables, but they seem to be node based..?

Thank you a lot in advance i hope my question is clear!


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    Are you plotting the result on all layers?

    Can you post images of the details view of the result plot

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    Hey, thanks for the answer.

    Yes, the result plot is made for all layers, even though i dont know how the algorithm works here. Does ansys average the damage results over the thickness here?

    Here a picture of the details window for the Fiber-Tension failure criterium:

    Unfortunately it's in german, but basically it is the non averaged result of the fiber failure criterion for the whole section (so all layers at once).

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