DC bias parameter kdc of the material power ferrite core loss model.

Isha_EnggIsha_Engg Member Posts: 4

According to manual, kdc is automatically calculated but I do not get the expected result in the core loss. How do we set this kdc parameter according to material used. I am using N95 ferrite - TDK as the core. How do we determine kdc theoretically?



  • icellb1icellb1 Posts: 139Forum Coordinator


    In 2019R1 or earlier versions if you set Kdc=0 the solver will automatically set it to 0.65, starting from 2019R2 you have to decide and input the Kdc value. The relationship between Kdc and the pre-factor Cdc in core loss calculation is: Cdc = 1 + Kdc*Bdc^2. You can decide your Kdc by some curve fitting tools.

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