Endtime has been increased further than the last loadstep endtime (0.10000E+00).

I set up my problem in workbench using explicit dynamics. I used mechanical to mesh and set the analysis end time to 0.0001 s. When I run my model in autodyn I get the following error:

"Endtime has been increased further than the last loadstep endtime    (0.10000E+00). The settings of the last loadstep will remain"

My settings in Autodyn are...

Wrapup Criteria:

Cyle limit: 10000

Time limit: 1.0

Energy: 0.05

Energy ref cycle: 999999

Save times:

Start time: 0.0

End time: 1.0

Increment: 0.001

All in milliseconds.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks


  • mjimji Posts: 37Forum Coordinator

    For end time, did you put 1? what time limit means? Do you mean end time? if you put 1 in End time, it would mean 1 sec.

  • Conorryan98Conorryan98 Posts: 9Member


    I have selected my units in Autodyn to be in milliseconds, so I thought that these criteria would automatically be in milliseconds?

    As far as I'm aware, the time limit means that if the simulation exceeds this time, it will terminate.

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