Error Running Lumerical Charge Simulation in 3D

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I am trying to run a Lumerical Charge simulation for a disk resonator and am able to successfully run it in 2D. However, when I change it to 3D, the simulation crashes after the meshing is complete. The error I get isn't too descriptive, it just says "Failed to traverse edge fan". Has anyone seen something like this before? I have attached my file for reference.

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    It seems the file crashes after meshing? have you tried just meshing without running the simulation?

    It might be due to meshing issue that the 3rd dimension has very small geometry, eg, the thickness is very small, causing ill-functioned finite elements. Please modify the triangle quality:

    and/or "deflection tolerance".

    You may also change the min/max edge length and see if the meshing can be completed without any issue.

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    Hi, thank you for the quick reply:) I am working with Charge not Heat, so I don't have the deflection tolerance option available. I know it's not a problem with the mesh since I am able to complete the mesh successfully. The "failed to traverse edge fan" error only comes up after the mesh completes and right before the simulation starts.

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    Hi, CHARGE and HEAT (and DGTD) use the same discretization algorithm: Finite Element, so they share the same mesh settings:

    If it is after meshing and before starting simulation, I strongly suggest that you do the meshing-only first and see if it has any issues (and save the file).

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