Why is my Equivalent circuit solver not converging?

QuincyQuincy Member Posts: 2

I am attempting to solve and E-magnetic model of an induction motor using motor cad. I want to find the torque speed characteristic of the motor I am designing and in order to do that the supply definition in the calculation tab must be set to AC mains(Voltage driven). Whenever I select AC mains as my supply definition I am no longer able to solve the E-Magnetic Model. When I click the solve E-magnetic Model button this error will pop up "3:31:32 PM : Equivalent circuit solver did not converge.

Convergence Error = 0%

Check equivalent circuit calculation settings

3:31:33 PM : Solving completed"

I am not sure why I receive this error and was hoping someone would be able to tell me.


  • nchodenchode Posts: 224Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Quincy,

    Is this the only error you got?

    This error on the Equivalent circuit may be related to many aspects of the design.

    Can you share more detailed screenshots of your model including setup and excitations?



  • QuincyQuincy Posts: 3Member

    Hi @nchode,

    Our convergence error is the only one I receive when I try to solve the E-magnetic model. I will copy screen shots of my model set up and excitations into this response and hopefully we can figure out why I receive this error. I also attached the name plate of the motor we wish to model.

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