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Complex Lumped Port Impedance — Ansys Learning Forum

Complex Lumped Port Impedance

nolan876nolan876 Member Posts: 2

When using a complex lumped port impedance, I understand that I need to change the S parameter definition from Generalized to Power.

While using Power however, should I plot dB10(S) or dB(S) when trying to view S parameter data?


  • AndyJPAndyJP Member Posts: 221

    afaik db10 is a straightforward function for data of unknown type. i.e. HFSS treats values of specific physical types, or with units (I do not know how it is inside). So for power or voltage it knows that it is in Watts, or Volts, choosing the right dB multiplier (10 or 20). In case when you feel that HFSS gives wrongly scaled "dB", you can force it using x10 with db10().

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