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Activation of Help in ANSYS — Ansys Learning Forum

Activation of Help in ANSYS

khabirykhabiry Member Posts: 1

I started ANSYS, upon clicking help button it shows the drop-down menue. Then when I clicked on help topics, I noticed a flashing but it does not start.

Could you please let me know how to activate the help window, so I can get answers for my questions. Thanks


  • jjdoylejjdoyle PittsburghMember Posts: 118
    edited April 5

    The problem mentioned might be resolved by clearing the contents of temp folder and renaming the appdata folder by following the below steps:

    1.Close all active Workbench sessions on the machine

    2.Clear the Temp folder: Type %temp% in windows taskbar and delete the contents of folder that opens up.

    3.Rename the appdata folder: Type %appdata% in windows taskbar, this would open up Appdata --> Roaming folder. Go to folder named ANSYS and rename the one against the version you are using to ***.old. For example rename v195 to v195.old for 2019R3.

    4.Open up a new WB session now and see if the problem is resolved

    Basically, clearing appdata means that one is setting back to the original default settings after new installation.

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