Ansys Lumerical entitlement activation and license file installation

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We have the following guidelines on activating an entitlement, downloading the license file and installing the license file into your license server.


  • Ansys license manager installed on your license server machine.
  • Ansys Support Coordinator (ASC) or Admin access to the Ansys licensing portal.

(1) License server HostID information

  • Your license server HostID information can be obtained from the Ansys license manager on your license server.
  • Open the Ansys license management center, navigate to "License File Options" -> "Get System HostID information".
  • "Save" the mac address HOSTID information.

(2) Activating Entitlement

  • Log into the Ansys Licensing Portal using your Ansys credentials.
  • Activate your entitlement by adding /uploading the license server HostID information.
  • Save and download the license file.

(3) Adding your license

  • Configure your license with static ports and open these ports to allow access to the license server.
  • Default ports are 1055, 1056, and 2325.
  • Open the Ansys license management center. Navigate to "License file options" -> "Add a license file".
  • Browse to the location of your license file and add the license file.
  • Restart the license manager when prompted.


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