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Thermally tuned waveguide (FDE) — Ansys Learning Forum

Thermally tuned waveguide (FDE)

talimutalimu Member Posts: 4
edited March 31 in Photonics

Hi Support team,

In your example "Thermally tuned waveguide (FDE)", you use "sweep" in order to sweep the input power from 20 to 30mW as shown here:

Each file "ldev" of this sweep is resored in a subdirectory "thermal_tuning_waveguide_2D_sweep".

In addition, T.mat file is created in the same subdirectory:

1) What is this file ? Does it being creat automatically along with "sweep"?

2) What are the temperature values in this file? why 48 values (see bellow)?

3) How is named "T" ?


Tali M.


  • talimutalimu Member Posts: 4


    Appreciate your reply.

    Thanks in Advance,


  • GWANGGWANG Ansys Employee Posts: 40

    Hi talimu,

    Thank you for your patience and sorry for the late reply. Regarding your questions:

    1. This file is not created by the sweep but by the thermal monitor "wg_monitor". When you edit the monitor, there is a file save option and it will save a mat file to the current running directory. There is only one of this file generated because when running the sweep, the later generated T.mat file will overwrite the previous generated one.
    2. The temperature dimension is due to the mesh size in the monitor.
    3. Same as in point 1, the file is defined as name "T.mat", you can rename it.
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