How do I solve this error in Magnetostatic analysis in ANSYS

Ammar676Ammar676 Member Posts: 5

 "The option of C on the MP command is either not available for this     

 version of ANSYS or the appropriate product was not selected for this  

 session. "

Does anyone know how to solve this issue.


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  • gnagappgnagapp Posts: 99Forum Coordinator
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    Go to Engineering Data, turn off "filter engineering data"

    Go to View-> Refresh

     For each material, delete properties that are not required for the analysis such as specific heat

     Go to Project schematic and "refresh" the project

    You should be able to solve now.


    If this doesnt help, then the license you are using doesn't allow the analysis that you are trying to solve

    Check Capabilities chart for the version you are using to verify license capabilities:

    Example for 2020R2, see this link: ansys-capabilities-chart-2020-r2.pdf

    If you have access to the Mechanical Enterprise license, try using that

  • Ammar676Ammar676 Posts: 8Member
    Accepted Answer

    Thanks for the comment. I will try to do as you said. I am currently using the student license. Do you think it is the issue?!

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