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How to set up DQ transient for a SRM in ANSYS 2021R1 — Ansys Learning Forum

How to set up DQ transient for a SRM in ANSYS 2021R1

HyacinthHyacinth Member Posts: 5

Hello everyone!

I got confused when setting the machine for DQ transient for an SRM Maxwell 2D design. Is there any tutorial on DQ transient? The questions are:

1) where is the DQ axis? Is it the X-Y axis in the picture below?

2) what the position of DQ axis with respect to phase A? I am certain where phase A is. However, there are two types of DQ position as shown below (you can refer to MATLAB ):

left: q axis aligned with phase A and d axis legged by 90 degrees

right: d axis aligned with phase A

So what type does the Ansys transient solution adopts?

3) what is the number of poles in the machine? Is it the total rotor poles? Or both stator and rotor poles? I am wondering why we need to set up the total number in order to do DQ transformation.

Please can anyone who is familiar with the setting help me with the three problems? Or do you have any tutorials or links to this problem? Thanks !!!



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