Plotting Heat Release Rate Graph in Fluent

goldencattogoldencatto Member Posts: 2

Hi, I am simulating a 60 degree sector mesh of diesel combustion in FLUENT and I need some help on plotting the graph for the heat release rate or rate of heat release as I could not seem to find a way to plot it under the "report plot" section.

Thank you in advance.


  • RKRK Posts: 442Ansys Employee


    Can please be more descriptive on what you want regarding the plot so that we can assist you better? Thanks.

  • goldencattogoldencatto Posts: 5Member


    Thank you for the reply.

    I am trying to plot the heat energy that is released during combustion due to compression when the piston is reaching Top Dead Centre. I tried plotting using the Report Plot>Flux Report>Total Heat Transfer Rate but the graph gave me negative values. I also tried using total surface heat flux under facet and vertex averages but they also gave me negative values. My boundary conditions for my wall temperatures are set to 450K.

  • YasserSelimaYasserSelima Posts: 944Member

    negative value means the heat transfers out of the system

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