Ansys - Vista CPD - Blade Gen - Turbo Mesh - CFX - Centrifugal Pump with Volute

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I'm a Student trying to model a Centrifugal pump impeller with the Volute. I have followed this tutorial: I having trouble with that the impeller and the volute not lining up correctly. I have attached pictures of the set-up and my problem.

As you can see in the second picture, the impeller is either not in the centre of the volute has incorrect geometry. I believe the outer edge of the impeller should match up with the volute cut inner edge.


  • rfblumenrfblumen Posts: 19Ansys Employee

    Before exporting the impeller from Vista CPD using Create New->Geometry, display Properties of Vista CPD and change "Impeller export type" from "Isolated impeller" to "Coupled to Volute". This will ensure that the outlet radius of the impeller, when exported from Vista CPD, matches the inlet radius of the volute.

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