How to remove or correct the bad quality elements?

johnny02johnny02 Member Posts: 7

Hello all,

This is johnny here. I am having a problem with 6 bad elements whose skewness is about 0.91. so I need to remove or correct these elements.I even edited the geometry but again I am getting the same problem.

Thank you


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Posts: 11,404Member
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    Open the Geometry editor SpaceClaim and slice the solid up into six-sided pieces. Delete insignificant features of the geometry. Use the Share button on the Workbench tab to create shared topology for the meshing program.

    It looks like there is 4-fold rotational symmetry. Slice the body into 4 pieces and delete 3 of them so you only work on 1/4 to clean up the geometry. Then you can copy/rotate to get back the full domain when you are done cleaning up the geometry.

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