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Selecting two separate face for NS in solidworks — Ansys Learning Forum

Selecting two separate face for NS in solidworks

atulsingh92atulsingh92 Member Posts: 107


I am using the Ansys Named selections manager in Solidworks to create NS within solidworks itself so that it can be used in an automated script later for meshing and running with fluent (Academic license-research).

To do this, I need to define a simple case for heat exchanger, where the circle in grey should be an inlet, while the region around it should be wall.

However, when I select that face to define wall, the circle too gets included, and this means there will be an overlapping situation within fluent which I should avoid.

The question is, how can I separately select the circle as inlet and the rest as wall using the named selections manager.?

Could anyone give some pointers on the same?


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