SIMPLORER fed 2d machine model

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I want to run my motor from initial zero speed to rated study speed. I have tried many combinations but not getting satisfactory results. In some simplorer example, fixed input is given to 2d model and the transient analysis has been analyzed. But I am not going to fed any input speed. the initial speed is zero and as time passes the motor simulation run and the speed increases up to the rated speed type of analysis I want to run.

For the discuss case what should be the mechanical input and mechanical output in simplorer circuit of the imported maxwell 2d model.


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    Hi @SinghVipin

    Here are two examples with speed control of "IM_SpeedControl.aedt" and "PMSM_SpeedControl_EMI" while clicking main menu "File>Open Examples..." and open "Examples>Twin Builder>Applications>PowerSystem>", We could use "mass_rot" or "internal J of machine block" as inertia and use "DAMP_ROT" or other DAMP components as a load to build mechincal transient process. Speed feedback could use "VM_ROT" shown in two examples.

    Another example is "BLAC_ServoDrive.aedt" in "Examples>Twin Builder>Applications>BLAC_Motor Drive System>". Please just review right part of mechanical transient. The pins of "ROT" or "MotionSetup" are similar and are simulated as a shaft, and they could input and output the mechanical torque and speed.



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