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What is the mapping ANSYS use from tensor to matrix? — Ansys Learning Forum

What is the mapping ANSYS use from tensor to matrix?

PuhanPuhan Member Posts: 10


I wanted to know what is the mapping ansys use from tensor to matrix suppose in Voigt notation?

Suppose I used this and have a matrix for material property

But when I put that in the Ansys it is not giving correct results that's why thinking it uses a different mapping.

Kindly please help.

With regards

Biswabhanu Puhan


  • PuhanPuhan Member Posts: 10

    Sorry just to clarify, I meant this is the anisotropic material properties I had having the mapping as shown above in the question 23->4, 13->5, 12->6, my question is does Ansys use the same mapping or does it do differently?

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