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Extracting Surface Area of a droplet — Ansys Learning Forum

Extracting Surface Area of a droplet

harshabharadwaj1harshabharadwaj1 Member Posts: 39


I am trying to extract the surface area of a deforming droplet and I am getting inaccurate numbers.

To do this, I create to Surface Reports --> Area and then select the iso-surface of the droplet.

The droplet deforms/ elongates at different rates under different conditions and visibly there is a significant difference in surface area. But, when I extract the surface area I get almost same numbers for these conditions.

I am a bit unsure if what I am extracting is indeed surface area or not.

Can someone please help me out with this?


  • YasserSelimaYasserSelima Member Posts: 929

    First question I would ask myself, what defines the surface area? I believe the answer would be the high gradient of VOF ...

    Through a UDF, save the VOF in UDS and find the absolute gradient of the UDS ... create iso surface

  • harshabharadwaj1harshabharadwaj1 Member Posts: 39

    Hello @YasserSelima ,

    Thanks for the reply sir. Could you please elaborate?

    I studied a bit about User Defined Scalars, but to a starter it does not make much sense to me.

    Is there anyway I can do this without having to write a UDF?

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