UDF for electric flux in diffusion under an electric field

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I am trying to simulate the diffusion of nanoparticles under an electric field.

There are both diffusion flux and electric flux.

My objective is to model this as a homogeneous mixture, considering the effect of the electrostatic force on each nanoparticle flux.

? = −D ??/?? + (?_?? + ?_?? )?


?_?? = electro migration velocity

?_?? = ??????? ??????? ????????

C = concentration

I am planning to use the fluent species transport model.

UDF will be used to add the flux due to the electrostatic field the part indicated in BOLD Text.

At the moment I'm trying t use DEFINE_SOURCE macro. But I dont know the use of dS[eqn] 

term in source terms.

Can someone please help me with this?

How should I proceed?

Please help!

Thank you.


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