EDT2021R1: New version, new bugs: stuck at "cleaning simulation directories"

AndyJPAndyJP Member Posts: 31
edited April 5 in Electronics

After updating to EDT 2021R1 in HFSS DrivenModal I am getting an infinite "Cleaning simulation directories" after 30-40 iterations of computation.

I am doing simulations by a script, and the OS is Win10 x64 for Workstations 20H2 19042.685 in RDP mode.

There is a plenty of free disk space on RAID array, and I was trying deleting the results directory manually before the simulation. But the bug still appears once in a while after I installed 2021R1; and it gets very annoying, since I run the script unattended and it delays my research timeline.

I see no no particular error messages, but the machine is stuck with zero CPU load, and it can not be fixed without manual HFSSCOMMENGINE process kill, waiting for 5 minutes and closing HFSS.... Then I restart HFSS, restart the simulation, and it is stuck again after 30 more cycles.

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