Thermally Tuned waveguide example Script Equation

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Good Morning,

I asked a previous question on the form but figured I may need to start another thread.

In regards to the example 'Thermally Tuned Waveguide (FDE)' seen here:

we are provided with an equation to use within Mode defined as:

Phase = 2*pi*(neff-neff0)*L/lambda

The script sets L as 200e-6. Why is that? What does this variable represent? I need to know this info in case I need to alter the script for use in different simulations

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    I believe those questions are replied in other post. But for later reference, I reply here also:

    L is set to be 200e-6 meter for device length, or the propagation length; Although in the GUI we can set the unit in um or nm, in scripting, all quantities are in mks system, eg, for length, it is in meter.

    Since the formula uses pi, it is in radian.


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