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Force on edge — Ansys Learning Forum

Force on edge

biokillbiokill Member Posts: 6


I have a problem applying a force in my model. If I apply a force of 1000 N (force-surface effect) in lets say X direction on a particular surface or edge of my model, the reaction force in X direction is also equal to 1000 N - static equalibrium is satisfied. But when I apply the same force on the edge where 2 or more surfaces meet, the reaction force is smaller than the force applyed. It seems like if the edge is common to 3 surfaces the total force applyed on the edge gets divided by 3 - reaction force is equal to 333 N. Why is it so? If I apply an edge presure it all adds up, but in my case it would be easier to apply a force and let the program itself spread the load along the edge.

Thanks for Your anwsers.

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