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How to do the winding excitation for maxwell3d transient design — Ansys Learning Forum

How to do the winding excitation for maxwell3d transient design

HyacinthHyacinth Member Posts: 5

Hello everyone,

I am working on a Maxwell3D transient design for a 12/8 srm. For the excitation part, the conduction path check is successful but the validation check failed. The reported error:

However, I don't think the conductor's number should be not be greater than 1. Actually, there are 29 conductors per pole.

For the excitation part, I do "split", "section" and "assign the coil terminal" to get get 8 terminals for phase A as shown below (rotor and stator are set as invisible for a clear view here). I already specify the "number of conductors" and "direction" for each terminal then put them together to form winding A. Then the same thing has been done to Phase B and C.

By right click excitation, I did the conduction path check for the three windings. It is successful.

So I don't know what is wrong with my excitation.

Can anyone help here? Many thanks!!!


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