One solid shell step through the other one. Graphical error or model error?

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Hallo everyone.

I have a very large model were I want to find out which is the best guidance for our slider.

You can see the interesting part of the model below

The parts are very big, but should also be able to calculate the stress normal to the surface so I choose SolidShell Elements.

the parts are bolted together, but I am not interested in the bolt connection so i made bonded contacts as you can see bellow:

As you can see bellow the middle plate step throug the outrer blade, allthoug i put on "true scale"

If i put on Auto scale(5,7):

And I am not sure if there is an error in my modell or if this is just an graphical error.

below you can see the initial informations of the contact:

If I look at the contact pressure on the front and backside of the middle plate I got following results:

Can anyone please help me? Is this just an graphic error or did I something wrong?

Thank you very much and best regards,



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    Hello @bokaJ,

    Could you please point out the issue? Is it the penetraton ? I see that the plastic is composed of 2 separate bodies (3000MPa and 10MPa), have you defined a contact between these 2?



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    Hallo @1shan ,

    my problem is that it looks like there is a **** when I plot the deformation in true scale as you can see below:

    You can see the contact between these two bodies below:

    below you can see the contact pressure of this contact:

    I am a little bit confused because on the first picture it looks like there is an **** but on the last picture I got an contact pressure, so I think these two bodies can not **** each other?

    Is the first picture just an graphic error, or is this true and there is an error with the contact pressure?

    I hope you know what I mean?

    You can see the initial informations of the contact bellow:

    Best regards,


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